Bluerockt Tattoo practice skin professional silicone practice skin

It is durable and reusable. Independent packaging, tasteless, safe. Easy to use - easy to color, perfect for practice tattoo.
Every tattoo practice skin has a perfect size, you can use it to make tattoo needles, tattoo bags, tattoo machines and other tattoo supplies. You can also save your art works as your progress, or show your excellent examples of art to show your different tattoo skills.


Package includes:
12pcs practice fake blank tattoo

  • The package comes in 12pcs practice fake blank tattoo, with 15cm*20cm*1.5mm in size and has color similar to human skin, fit for practice
  • Tattoo skin exercises the surface of Freestyle design and practice, different techniques, from outline to shadow, and has a similar feeling to human skin
  • Our tattoo skin suit has 12 blank sheets, which are thick enough for double-sided use, providing you with more tattoo areas, especially for beginners
  • Flexible tattoo practice can wrap the skin around the object and give you contour. Blank tattoos practice skin for freestyle design and practice.
  • These tattoos practice skin is the beginning of great tattoo art and tattoo patterns. For beginners or experienced tattoo artists. You can use them to practice eyebrows or lips or whatever you like