Bluerockt Dragonrider Professional Tattoo Kit | Rotary Tattoo Machine


Powerful Torsion Motor

Outstanding aluminium light weight,design that gives you best freedom.

Facinating outfit, enriching,you most pleassure from tattoing.

Full set from tattoo beginner to tattoo professional.

Ink cup, transfer paper attached.

Within Bluerockt Dragonrider Tattoo Kit you would get:

1.Bluerockt Dragontrainer rotary tattoo pen 1 pcs for lining and shading;
2.Digital tattoo power supply 1 pcs;
3.Power cable 1 pcs;
4.Tattoo foot pedal 1 pcs;
5.Premium 5ml tattoo ink 7 bottle 1 set;
6.Mix disposable tattoo needles 20 pcs (1003RL.1205RL.1207RM.1009M1 five each);
7.Small thickened practice skin 1 pcs;
8.Tattoo ink cup mixed size 100 pcs (Large, Medium, Small);
9.Ink cup holder 1 pcs;
10.Large glove 1 piece;
11.Transfer paper 5 pcs;
12.Non slip bandage 2 pcs 2.5x450cm;
13.Tattoo machine kit manual 1 pcs;

Turn your rotary tattoo pen into a wireless monster