Bluerockt Dual Control Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

Bluerockt multi-function pen style tattoo machine offers 2 options for tattoo artists – for those who don’t want to restrict by cord you can use the wireless battery in the package and when the battery is dead or you have extremely high requirements and standards for voltage stability, the RCA cord and machine part is ready for your need.


  • Dual Control Mode: Bluerockt wireless tattoo pen provides two connection methods, wireless battery and RCA interface, which can be easily switched by magnetic attraction.
  • New Design: The voltage display can be adjusted to match the direction of the needle by manual rotation, which is convenient for the tattoo artist to adjust the voltage and switch the pause operation.
  • Replacement Handle: Bluerockt wireless pen tattoo machine is equipped with two ergonomically designed handles, which are suitable for different tattoo artists, and can be freely selected and replaced according to their own habits.
  • Large-capacity Battery: 1600mAh large-capacity lithium battery. It can work for more than 13h under the highest voltage of 12v.
  • Imported Motor: Hollow cup motor imported from Germany, powerful motor for stable transmission, reducing hand fatigue.


  • Start voltage: 6V
  • Rated voltage: 12V
  • Material: Aviation aluminum alloy material, CNC fine carving process, anodized coloring
  • Stroke length: 3.5mm
  • Needle depth: 0 ~ 4.0mm
  • Rated Power: 10W
  • Speed: 8V speed 7012RPM, 10V speed 8766RPM, 12V speed 10000RPM (speed driving the silicone integrated needle, non-idling speed)
  • Note: The working voltage is 7-12V, do not work with overload for a long time, the maximum withstand torque is ≥

  • Bluerockt Wireless Tattoo Pen * 1
  • RCA Port * 1
  • RCA Cord * 1
  • Replacement Handle * 1
  • USB Charge Cord 1m * 1
  • Tool Bag * 1