Bluerockt STIGMA Tattoo Ink Set 15 ml 1/2oz 7 Bottles Tattoo Pigment Set 7


  • 100% new brand and high quality. Color stability, pure color, durable and safe, with a formula containing a high concentration of pigment, long duration, make your tattoos have a great texture.
  • With 7 commonly used colors, make your tattoo have more professional performance and higher efficiency. The capacity of 15 ml will not cause unnecessary waste. Regardless of personal or professional use, it's a good choice.
  • Tested by thousands of tattoo artists, easy and convenient to use. Uses imported materials from the United States and is sold directly locally. Has professional testing reports, CE certificates, and efficient delivery.
  • Supports various bright color matching requirements. Herbal raw materials, natural pigments, bright colors, easy to color and not easy to fade, all pigments are irradiated and sterilized (by gamma rays) to ensure safety.
  • Stigma tattoo ink, a brand that focuses on tattoos, has years to research tattoo machine performance and quality tattoo ink.