Bluerockt Professional Tattoo Kit BTK03 With Wireless Power Supply

The Bluerockt Tattoo Pen BTK03 is a great all-round rotary tattoo machine. With a 3.5 mm stroke, the pen-style tattoo machine is best used for precise lining, as well as soft shading. Tattoo artists admire this astounding tattoo gun machine for its versatility.


  • Bluerockt tattoo machine has an ergonomic, pen-like shape. Operating it feels like using an actual pen, as you effortlessly draw fine lines, shade, or apply permanent makeup.
  • The bright silver color of the whole machine highlights the precision workmanship, and the exterior is equipped with carvings to show the future sense of technology.
  • Drive the silicone integrated needle to rotate at 7000 rpm, easy to lining, shading and colour packing, suitable for various styles.
  • Imported high-speed and strong torque motor, unique internal design concept, solves the problems of traditional tattoo pens, such as easy suffering fatigue, color leakage, uneven fogging, etc.
  • The tattoo pen has smooth needle out, more ink entry, even fogging, smaller skin lesions and smoother color.
  • Bluerockt Tattoo Kit BTK03 is equipped with a 1500mAh large-capacity battery that can work continuously for up to 4 hours. Stay away from wires and pedals, allowing the tattoo artist to concentrate on the art. 50g lightweight wireless battery is not a burden.


  • Motor: Strong torque motor
  • Starting Voltage: 5.0V drives the silicone integrated needle
  • Material: High-quality aluminum alloy material, CNC carved processing, fine sand polishing, oxidation coloring
  • Power Interface: RCA
  • Rated Voltage: 10V DC
  • Rated Power: 5.0W
  • Nominal Torque:5.0 mNm
  • Work Voltage: 7-11V
  • Needle Stroke: 3.5mm
  • Needle Protrusion: 0-4.5mm
  • Weight: net weight 130g, gross weight 280g
  • Voltage speed: 8V speed 5950RPM, 10V speed 7000RPM, 10V speed 10000RPM

Please Note: The working voltage is 7-11V, do not work with overload for a long time, the maximum withstand torque is

Bluerockt Tattoo Kit Package List:

  1. Quality Rotary Tattoo Pen 1 pcs
  2. 1500mAH Wireless Power Supply 1 pcs
  3. Tattoo Needle Cartridges 20 pcs(1003RL.1205RL.1207RM.1009M1 five each)
  4. Non Slip Bandage 1 pcs(5x450cm)
  5. Tattoo Pen Kit Manual 1 pcs