Bluerockt Back Street Lover Series Hybrid Rotary Tattoo Kit Tattoo Gun Machine Gift Sets with 20Pcs Needles—Black

This Stigma Hybrid Tattoo Pen is designed to give you the closest feel to an actual pen that you can get with a tattoo machine You can use this pen to do tattooing, permanent eyebrows makeup, lip line, eye line, etc., all in one pen.

Each of the Hybrid Tattoo Pen is CNC-Machined from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with an anodized finish. The 10W motor is made in Taiwan featuring low noise level, power, and stability. It won't heat up for a long time usage.

Operating voltage: 6-11 V DC. Compatible with Cheyenne Hawk power supply and all other branded tattoo power supplies. A plug adapter may be needed to work with other power supplies.

RPM range Stitches/Sec: 8V-8000rpm, min 8-800/sec

Stroke: 3mm

Needle Protrusion: 0-3.5 mm

Connection: DC Jack plug cable


  • High-quality Japanese Motor
  • Torsion Powerful
  • Axis Rotation Stable
  • Stable Drive System

1 pc of Quality Rotary Tattoo Pen (for lining and shading)
1 pc of Digital tattoo power supply
1 pc of Power Adapter
1 pc of Power foot pedal control
20 pcs of Tattoo needles in 2 cartridges (10pcs of type 1203RL and 1209RM 10 pcs in each cartridge)
1 pc of 15 ml Premium True Black Tattoo Ink
100 pcs of Ink cups in mixed size (Large, Medium, Small)
1 roll of Non slip Grip Bandage 2.5x450cm
1 User manual