Bluerockt Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine Pen Rose Golden

This Bluerockt Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine has an ergonomic design that cover all your permanent tattoo makeup need, specifically beneficial for permanent eyebrows makeup, lip line, eye line, etc.


  • Bluerockt PUM tattoo pen adopts high-end motor made in Germany, with stable output, low vibration and low noise, suitable for detailed tattoo work.
  • The ergonomic pen-style design makes Bluerockt PMU machines more comfortable to use and less fatigued during long working hours.
  • The LCD screen directly displays the gear power, which is easy to operate. It can be suspended in time without changing the current gear, avoiding the need to re-adjust the gear after the suspension of ordinary products.
  • The dual-battery configuration enables the tattoo pen to avoid the dilemma of being unable to work due to factors such as power outages. The continuous power supply is up to 5h, and the rear end is equipped with a TYPE-C interface, which is fast and convenient for charging.
  • The kit is equipped with a new type of anti-reflux needle, which greatly reduces the contamination of residues to the inside of the drive and ensures the cleanliness of the inside of the tattoo pen.
  • The Bluerockt Permanent Makeup Machine fits most PMU syringes on the market.


  • Color: Rose Golden
  • Material: CNC aviation aluminum alloy
  • Start Voltage: 6.5V
  • Charging time: 1.5 hours
  • Stroke: 2.1mm
  • Adjustable Needle Depth: 0mm – 3.2mm
  • Rated Voltage: 8V
  • Power Output: 5W
  • Motor: customized German motor
  • Power interface: charging type-c interface, battery and pen body are designed with magnetic suction
  • Rotate Speed: 1st gear 6250RPM, 2nd gear 7150RPM, 3rd gear 8125RPM, 4th gear 9000RPM, 5th gear 10000RPM
  • Charging work: charging can also be turned on at the same time, does not affect work use.

  • Bluerockt PMU Machine * 1
  • Power bolt * 2
  • Professional manual * 1
  • Type-C cord * 1
  • PMU Needle Cartridges * 10


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